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Our Next Chapter

Welcome to Sweet Red Bistro!

We are a fanciful family run restaurant that takes the time to get it right. We are not fast food; but our food is worth the wait! In the meantime, I hope you take a few moments to breathe in your life, give thanks and enjoy.

The original idea for our bistro was inspired by my days spent in San Jose, Costa Rica, a charming city with a distinctive European feel. I fell in love with this romantic and unhurried lifestyle that was mine for most of a year.

My days were spent sipping rich café con leche on the patio of Hotel  Costa Rica, leisurely dining in quaint cafés and sipping cocktails in the beautiful historic theater. I bought fresh flowers on the street, lit candles on the balcony and learned to savor every moment.

When I returned to Oregon, I spent most of my days raising four beautiful children. I poured my heart into my family but I have never forgotten the year I learned how lovely simple indulgences can be. Many years later, my nostalgia to recreate those memories has not faded.

I opened Sweet Red Bistro at the original First Avenue location in 2011. It was the perfect venue to express all that I hold dear and make my vision come true. In 2023, I was blessed with the opportunity to purchase our Second Avenue location from our dear friends, the Novak's. We welcome you to enjoy the magic that is Sweet Red, and the warm hospitality of our Sweet Red Staff; may it be a memorable place to celebrate with those you love.

There are many who have contributed to our success here at Sweet Red; please know that your fingerprints will never fade and we will be forever thankful for you.

On behalf of the Alire Family and our Sweet Staff,

We are delighted you have chosen Sweet Red Bistro today and we will do our best to make your time with us something special.


new cyndi.jpg

Cyndi Sweet

Meet our Beloved Owner, Cyndi Sweet. 

Opening Sweet Red was a longtime dream of Cyndi's and the charm of Historic Downtown Albany  compliments her bistro perfectly.

Cyndi has created two fanciful spaces, perfect for leisurely dining and celebrating life! She fondly welcomes her guests in as friends, rather than patrons. Her warmth and charm count largely towards the allure of Sweet Red. Not to mention her passion for delicious the food and drinks, taking the time to enjoy it all!

Having raised her family here in Albany, Cyndi was delighted to bring something unique and special to her community. Her 4 children, Erica, Anthony, Jesse & Joel have all worked and contributed to Sweet Red over the years. And her Sweet Staff is a tight knit group that she loves like family, so this truly is a family affair! 

Our History


The first 12 years of Sweet Red were spent at 208 First Avenue in the Historic District of Downtown Albany. Our new chapter for Sweet Red began in December 2023 at our new location, 208 Second Avenue.

We're so blessed to have the amazing opportunity to purchase our Second Avenue building with an equally rich history! 

 The First Avenue building has an abundant history that dates back to 1886, with Sweet Red residing there since 2011.

Prior to Sweet Red opening, this was the location of Boccherinis coffee shop for 27 years. Customers still enjoying stopping in to reminisce about their favorite coffee shop and marvel over how much has changed.
Before Boccherinis, it was a book shop, named Rainbow Books, but originally, 208 First Avenue was Conn and Huston Grocery Store. 

We currently share the building with another restaurant to our right, and the second floor are loft apartments. All of the brick in the building is original, as well as the hardwood floors that span our building.

We cherish both of our historic buildings and all the memories made here. Join us in both locations to experience the magic of Downtown Albany!

First Avenue Building

Second Avenue Building



Quite simply the best restaurant in Albany! Everything is fantastic, and if you go on a Friday or Saturday, the prime rib is to die for! Great speakeasy vibe, friendly service, amazing food. Can't be beat.

— Yelp


Seriously this place is great, if you're in the mood for the most delicious charcuterie or cheese board then look no further. We've dined here on several occasions I can't believe I haven't left a review before. The menu is small as are some of the plates. If you have questions or just aren't sure ask the wait staff they're very helpful and can answer questions or offer suggestions for pairing tapas. I highly recommend their tomato Gorgonzola soup.

Yes it's a wine bar but don't overlook their cocktails. They've got some skilled drink masters mixing up some of the best craft cocktails around.

— Yelp

My husband and I recently visited Sweet Red for the first time. Everything about the experience was wonderful! The atmosphere was relaxing, the employees were kind, and the food...the food....the food....was spectacular! We enjoyed the presentation of the cheese and fruit board, as well, as our main dishes and desserts, and every bite was absolutely delicious!

— Google


In town for work and didn't think there was any place good to go, but a coworker told me about Sweet Red. Talk about a place to relax after a long day at work. This place is a diamond in the rough, the atmosphere was awesome, drinks amazing, and the food was fantastic but the best part about this place was the Italian music playing in the background. If you are looking for a place to unwind, relax with a great atmosphere....this the place. I look forward to returning to Sweet Red for more drinks and food.

— Yelp

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